Welcome to Hope for One!

May 6th, 2010

We are a community of HOPE

For those that are reading this post, I first want to thank you for taking the time to visit our first community focused on porn and sex addiction.  Whether you struggle in this area or know someone that does, my hope is that you’ll find support, encouragement, and accountability through Hope for One’s services.

The full story behind Hope for One is a long one, but at its core is a passion I’ve had throughout my life for people who are struggling with deeply personal issues.  Whether their issues were due to poor decisions or just the situations they found themselves in, I believe that everyone deserves an opportunity for recovery and restoration.

I’m particularly troubled by how effectively these issues can isolate someone.  Often it is due to shame because what they are struggling with is not acceptable in society.  Or in some cases it may be that seeking help could threaten some aspect of their relationship with family and friends.  And in many cases, they may also have difficulty finding or affording the resources to help them with their struggle.  In fact, whether you look at issues such as alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorder, sex addiction, etc., you’ll consistently find that at least 80-90% of people struggling with these issues in the US do not receive any form of help at all.  For those that do receive help, the majority just receive some type of medication to help them deal with their pain.  Very few actually seek out formal support such as counseling or support groups that will help them address the underlying behaviors that are causing the issue.

I created Hope for One because I strongly believe that there needs to be a safe, confidential, and anonymous resource that struggling individuals can use as a first step towards recovery and restoration.  The Internet and mobile phones offer so many opportunities for people to secretly enable their issues, and I believe these technologies can be used just as effectively to address them.  Our online communities offer individuals a safe place to share their experiences anonymously, as well as learn from and be encouraged by others in similar situations.  We also want our communities to serve as a robust library of resources, and want to provide as much news, videos, and podcasts as possible to help support our members.  The iPhone and Android mobile apps are an extension of the online community, and provide users with access to much of the same content they can find on the website.  We hope that the mobile apps will serve as a great way for struggling individuals to have immediate access to encouraging and accountable content whenever and wherever they need it.

We have barely begun this journey, but I am already so excited at  what the future holds for the members of Hope for One.  We will be adding a significant amount of additional videos and podcasts to the community soon, and are always looking for your feedback.  Feel free to reach out to us any time through our Contact Us page at http://www.hopeforone.com/psa/index.php/contact-us/.

Thank you for joining on this journey of bringing hope to a broken world!