Our Communities

Our Communities

Hope for One is a network of unique online communities focused on very specific issues that individuals struggle with. There is certainly no shortage of struggles that our society is facing, and we’re anxious to launch new communities to address each of them.

Each of our communities offers a robust suite of features to help those that are struggling to find hope.

  • Individuals can create personal pages where they can share their story through blogs, video blogs, and audio, video and photo sharing.
  • Members can also connect to and encourage each other through sending private messages or leaving a message on a member’s page.
  • Organizations and professionals dedicated to addressing the community’s specific issue can easily set up their own group page. They’ll be able to easily publish podcasts, videos, and pictures to reach the individuals they’re serving. They’ll also be able to blog and directly communicate with members of the community, which will enable them to reach far more individuals than they could on a local basis.

As we’re getting started, we encourage you to visit our flagship community on Pornography and Sexual Addiction. It’s an area that not many people like to talk about, but is having an incredibly damaging effect on the lives of those around us. In fact, over 40 million people in the US struggle with Internet pornography alone. At our Pornography and Sexual Addiction community, you’ll get to see our innovative support model in action – for the first time, people previously struggling in isolation are finding hope by encouraging each other and finding new resources to help them grow.


If you have a recommendation on future communities you’d like to see, please visit our Contact Us page here