Who We Are

About Hope for One

Who-We-Are_Hands-Holding-SproutHope for One was created out of a passion to leverage new media services to provide support for the many issues our society struggles with. We are a company focused on providing services that individuals can access anytime online or from their mobile phone, whether they are already receiving some form of support or are still struggling to take the first step towards receiving help.  Despite the plethora of options available in the physical world, even the most effective forms of support are unable to overcome many of the barriers that an individual faces when seeking help. Within areas such as addiction or various types of abuse, over 80% (and often close to 100%) of those struggling with these issue do not receive any form of support. Of these groups, studies have shown that at least 60% desire help but don’t participate in any support services. Barriers expressed by these individuals include fear of admitting their struggle due to social stigmas, inability to afford the services, or lack of availability of the services desired.

At hope for one, we believe it’s unacceptable that in our advanced society, most of the people struggling daily with deeply personal issues cannot find the hope and restoration they so desperately desire. We want to reach these individuals regardless of their circumstances, and provide them with an affordable solution that offers the privacy and flexibility they’ve been seeking.

Our solution is a two-pronged approach and is the basis for our name, Hope for One. Our mission is to provide hope to our society by:

  1. Creating one community for people struggling with specific issues to find the encouragement and resources they need to grow.
  2. Providing one platform that existing organizations and professionals can use to more effectively support these individuals in need.

One Community

The foundation of our efforts is based on our innovative Internet-based communities (social networks) focused on very specific issues that people struggle with. Each community is based on our “discover, share, grow” model, where individuals will be encouraged to browse profiles of existing members to discover others with similar experiences. This will help enforce the concept that they are not alone in their struggles, and, in the process, encourage them to share their story on their own personal page within the community. By participating in the community, individuals will find a source of support that is at their fingertips 24/7, and the previous barriers they faced in seeking help will begin to fade away. In addition to receiving support and encouragement from others, each community will also offer a variety of useful resources related to that specific issue. Community members will be able to access relevant articles and videos, as well as find counselors and other support organizations in their geographical area. Through these vibrant communities, individuals who previously felt hopeless and isolated will begin their journey toward a hopeful future.

One Platform

In order to effectively meet the needs of struggling individuals, we want to enable existing organizations and professionals to more effectively reach and interact with their target markets. The Internet has historically been a difficult place for these groups to establish a presence because it requires a significant investment to maintain a relevant website. At Hope for One, we’ve intentionally developed a community platform that will enable organizations and professional support services to have a robust, interactive presence online. In each community, we offer free group pages that organizations can set up without the need for professional web development skills. These pages offer a variety of features, including the ability to blog as well as post a variety of media including pictures, videos, and audio files. In addition, users can connect to organizations to show their support, and organizations can directly message with any other individual or organization within the community. In the future, we plan to provide additional services that will enable organizations to continue to extend their existing services in the physical world to the individuals they interact with online.

At the end of the day, our vision is to lead a revolution in the ways technology can be used to support people through life’s struggles. As our online communities grow, we plan to enhance our features to offer live support groups and additional innovative services. In the process, we hope to develop a robust community of individuals and organizations that are walking alongside each other through the common struggles we share.