There are a lot of great efforts being made to help individuals struggling with pornography and sexual addictions, but sometimes they can be difficult to find.  We’ve developed this section of the site to provide you with a straight-forward list of resources on a variety of topics.  If you have additional resources you’d like to recommend, please send us a note through our Contact Us page.

Support Groups

Links to several sites where you can quickly search for a support group in your area.  This includes groups for a wide variety of audiences, including the people with sexual struggles as well groups for family and friends of these individuals.


Links to several sites where you can find counselors in your area that specialize in pornography and sexual addictions.  Some of these resources also include toll free numbers for initial counseling on your situation over the phone.

Books & Media

Books, videos, and online workshops for people with sexual struggles and affected family and friends.


A great list on websites with additional information on the damage of pornography and sexual addiction, as well as ways you can get involved to stand against it.

Accountability Tools

An overview of computer software tools you can use to keep yourself, your family, or friends accountable in the ways you use the Internet.  We explain how various features work, as well as provide a comparison of several available software tools.