Accountability Tools

Accountability Tools

There are a variety of software programs available for addressing porn or sex addiction. We have provided general description of features some programs offer, along with a table that can help you compare several leading programs in the area of online accountability.

Internet monitoring

Although each company’s software takes a slightly different approach, in general these programs record the websites you are visiting and provide the list to your accountability partner in an email on a schedule you select (weekly, bi-monthly, monthly).  Some programs, such as X3 Watch, only record websites that the software determines may have objectionable content.  Other programs, such as Safe Eyes and Covenant Eyes, record all of the websites you visit.  This is the most critical feature of any software you choose.  With any of these software options, you are still in control of the limits you choose to impose on your use of the Internet.  When monitoring reports are sent to an accountability partner, you’ll at least have someone else who can encourage you or hold you accountable if you’re struggling with how you use the Internet.

Internet filtering

This feature works proactively to prevent users on your computer from accessing certain types of websites.  Although the software works to block certain sites automatically, you also have the option of adding websites you want blocked, or sites that you don’t want blocked.  This is a great feature for several reasons.  First, the software helps to prevent you from visiting an objectionable site, which can help you reconsider your actions when you’re feeling tempted.  Second, it is the next best substitute to Internet monitoring if you haven’t found an accountability partner.  Again, it’s essential that you not just depend on yourself being strong enough to avoid temptation – you need something else that will help you when you give in to your struggle.

Internet usage controls

These features can monitor when someone is using the Internet on their computer, and some software provides controls that allow you to limit how much total time someone can use the Internet for.  This can be helpful if you know that you need to place some limits on how much time you’re spending online if you find that you can’t stop yourself from visiting inappropriate sites.

Instant messaging controls

This feature allows you to block the use of instant messaging programs.  Some programs, such as Safe Eyes, allow you to also choose the option of allowing instant messaging, but recording the conversations so that an accountability partner can review them.

Other features:

Some programs, such as Safe Eyes, offer additional features that are helpful for the entire family.  These include the ability to block certain computer programs, as well as additional controls around the use of email and social networking sites.

Internet monitoring Internet filtering Internet usage controls Instant messaging controls Other features Cost
Safe Eyes X X X X X One-time purchase price
(no subscription required)
Covenant Eyes X X X X Monthly subscription fee
X3 Watch X Basic free version or one-time purchase of Pro version (no subscription required)